Descendant recalls Dr. Jose Rizal’s last words to brother Paciano

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CALAMBA CITY, Laguna – “Now that I am going to die, it is to you I dedicate my last words, to tell you how much I regret to leave you alone… I think of you how you have worked to enable me to have a career. I believe that I have tried not to waste your time. My brother, if the fruit has been bitter, it is not my fault. It is the fault of circumstances. I know that you have suffered much because of me. I am sorry,” narrated Virgil Daniel R. Villarruz, a descendant of Paciano Rizal – the brother of Dr. Jose P. Rizal.

Villarruz was the guest speaker during the 127th Martyrdom Celebration of Dr. Jose P. Rizal held today at the Rizal’s Shrine also known as the “Museo Ni Jose Rizal, Calamba” here in this city in cooperation with the National Historical Commission of the Philippines under the theme: Rizal Pundasyon Ng Kahapon,Isinasabuhay Ngayon”.

In his message, Villaruz described the feeling of brokenness of Dr. Jose Rizal for not getting the results of his endeavors. “But that brokenness as he was about to die brought forth our freedom. That at that time Filipinos took the courage and brought together to gain our freedom,” he said.

Moreover, Villaruz urged everyone to put into practical ways the lessons of Dr. Jose Rizal’s death in this generation to become heroes in each and every endeavor as he coined the acronym “P.O.G.I” which stands for living Positive, Organized and disciplined, Grateful, and Integrity.

“Just like an egg that has to be broken to become useful coupled with living a life in a positive manner, organized and disciplined, grateful and with integrity, success will come our way,” he asserted in Filipino.

He ended his message by quoting the lines of Dr. Jose Rizal’s letter to his brother recognizing the efforts to provide him a career as well as the sufferings Paciano endured.

Thus, Villaluz addresses to the new breed of heroes of this generation. The efforts and sufferings of parents to send children to get education and create a future and help their respective families in return. To the government workers whose daily activities are done in the name of service to the Filipinos. These we have to be grateful for today.

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