Laguna native Sol Aragones transforms advocacy into political action with launch of Akay National Political Party

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SAN PABLO CITY, Laguna – After serving as a representative for the 3rd District of Laguna from 2013 to 2022, Sol Aragones experienced a setback in her bid for the provincial governorship in 2022. However, this defeat opened new avenues for her to extend her reach beyond provincial boundaries, leading to the establishment of the non-profit organization AKAY ni SOL. Meaning “to lead by hand” in English, AKAY ni Sol has been dedicated to improving the lives and dignity of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and their families.

Since its inception, AKAY ni Sol has organized XTERN Foot Drop events across the country, providing assistance to those with impaired mobility through the distribution of foot drop splints and access to rehabilitation programs. This initiative reflects a commitment to empower individuals and foster independence within the PWD community.

Now, AKAY ni Sol has evolved into a political entity, the Akay ni Sol Party-list and the Akay National Political Party, with a primary focus on advocating for the rights and welfare of PWDs in Congress. Recognizing the need for representation in legislative matters, especially for marginalized sectors like PWDs, the party aims to champion appropriate legislation that will benefit not only PWDs but the entire nation.

Expanding its scope of assistance, the Akay ni Sol Party-list extends its support to other marginalized groups, including senior citizens, transport groups, and the Muslim Brotherhood, among others.

This inclusive approach has garnered widespread support from leaders across various regions who share a common dedication to serving the underprivileged and marginalized sectors of society.

Recently approved by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) in February 2024, the Akay National Political Party is poised to field candidates in the upcoming 2025 national and local elections, ranging from senatorial positions to municipal councilors.

Under the leadership of Sol Aragones as Chairperson, the party’s mission centers on education, healthcare, job creation, and good governance.

As Sol Aragones passionately emphasized during a recent gathering, the fight for gubernatorial race in Laguna remains a personal endeavor fueled by her father’s advice and the unwavering belief in effecting positive change.

“Habang may mga batang may gradong palakol na gustong makapag aral; Habang may mga taong nakapila ng mahaba sa ospital; Habang may mga pasyente na namamatay sa ospital na walang kalaban laban; Habang may kakulangan ng mga doktor at mga nurses na tutugon sa ating mga kababayan; Habang may mga taong nawawalan ng hanapbuhay; Habang magkaroon pa ng pag-asa ang mga PWD; Habang may mga tao pang naniniwala ng pagbabago… huwag mong isuko ang laban sa pagka gobernador,” she said in Filipino.

 (While there are children with (low) grades who want to study; While there are people queuing for a long time at the hospital; While there are patients who are dying in the hospital without a fight; While there is a lack of doctors and nurses to respond to our countrymen; While there are people who lose their jobs; While PWDs still have hope; While there are still people who believe in change… don’t give up the fight for governorship)” Sol Aragones stressed as she related the advice coming from her father to continue the quest for governorship of Laguna demanding more than a 100 percent of her strength to carry on.

With political leaders from diverse regions pledging their allegiance to the Akay National Political Party, the movement for social justice and inclusive governance continues to gain momentum, uniting individuals across geographical and ideological divides in pursuit of a more equitable society.

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