Dr. Jose P. Rizal’s death did not end heroism- Mayor Ross Rizal

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CALAMBA CITY, Laguna– Mayor Roseller “Ross” H. Rizal emphasized in his speech during the 127th Martyrdom Celebration of Dr. Jose P. Rizal today held at the Rizal Shrine also known as “Museo NI Jose Rizal, Calamba” that his death did not end heroism.

“The death of Dr. Jose P. Rizal did not end heroism. His mother and brother Paciano continued what he fought for after him,” Mayor Rizal, also a descendant of the hero’s family, stressed in Filipino, adding that during World War II, the city had produced heroes in the persons of General Vicente Lim and Lt. Geronimo Aclan.

The Mayor further described heroism in the current lives of Calambenos as those who in their ways devised solutions to the problems of the city that need immediate actions.

“Our city folks who shared their time and offer their talents, for us to implement new technologies to keep the city abreast with the fast changes and advancements in the world,” he related as the inspiration for their acts of heroism.

He also commended those who keep the dream of Dr. Jose Rizal to provide awareness through education, to those who valiantly keep the peace and order in every corner of the city as well as the ordinary workers who performed their duties and responsibilities well and become part of the productive society.

“To those people, we see in them the heroism exemplified by Dr. Jose Rizal,” he mused explaining further that the national hero built a strong foundation that was made stronger when he offered his life.

“He was the intelligent worker who looks after the betterment of his fellowmen that cannot be turned down by minor tests and cannot be destroyed by the strongest blow,’’ the Mayor described Dr. Jose Rizal.

Moreover, Mayor Ross called on everyone to offer excellent contributions to the progress of the city in particular and to the country in general especially to the new generations. Despite the yearly celebration of Rizal’s martyrdom, the Mayor asked everyone to view this from a new and fresh perspective founded on the teachings of Dr. Jose Rizal.

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