Laguna solon to champion empowering information for workers

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CALAMBA CITY, Laguna – A continuing event, named the “Labor Day Forum: Championing Good Leadership for Workers,” took place at the Calamba Premiere International Park (CPIP) in Barangay Batino here on Friday. Led by Charisse Anne C. Hernandez, the Lone District Representative of Calamba City, this forum emphasized the critical role of informed and educated citizenry, particularly in understanding the efforts of leaders to serve the people, especially the working class.

As the vice chairperson of the Committee on Labor and Employment of the 19th Congress, Representative Hernandez conveyed her commitment to educating the public through various means, ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary knowledge to act appropriately when the need arises.

“It is essential for our constituents to understand not only the allocation of district funds and the bills I propose in Congress but also pertinent topics like data privacy, which was discussed during the forum,” Rep. Hernandez emphasized in an interview with reporters.

Addressing pressing issues such as mental health, peace and order, and domestic violence, Representative Hernandez highlighted the importance of collaboration with other government agencies to devise effective solutions.

Furthermore, she acknowledged the invaluable contribution of non-government organizations (NGOs) as partners in nation-building, emphasizing the need for support to sustain their initiatives.

“I encourage them to develop viable projects that may require initial funding of up to Php 50,000, ensuring long-term sustainability for the benefit of their members,” she stated.

Committing to her advocacy, Rep. Hernandez pledged to continue championing the dissemination of information and education through various channels, including infographics and informal lectures, tailored to be accessible even to young students, with a particular focus on empowering women and workers.

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