Laguna city police embarks innovative measures on crime prevention tactics

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CALAMBA CITY, Laguna – In a groundbreaking move, Calamba City police introduce cutting-edge methods utilizing motorized trolleys and Police Community Response and Monitoring (PCRM) Box to combat street crimes. These are pioneering strategies that harness technology and community engagement.

Under the leadership of PLt.Col Milany E. Martirez, chief of police, these initiatives mark a paradigm shift towards proactive crime prevention recognizing the challenges posed by hard-to-penetrate areas, particularly along the railroad tracks in Barangay Parian stretching to Barangay Paciano Rizal. By deploying motorized trolleys equipped with advanced surveillance equipment and communication systems, law enforcement officers can now navigate these challenging terrains with unprecedented agility.

“This strategic deployment aims to bolster efficiency and effectiveness in crime deterrence, leveraging available mobility resources to their fullest potential,” Martirez said in an interview today.

Martirez underscored the significance of community involvement in these efforts, citing the establishment of Police Community Response and Monitoring (PCRM) Box as a testament to this collaborative approach.

Situated strategically in high-risk areas such as Purok 6 of Barangay Parian, this PCRM Box also serves as vital hub for public access to police assistance during emergencies.

Equipped with state-of-the-art communication devices, drone technology, first aid provisions, and rescue tools, these facilities ensure swift and effective response to crime incidents and accidents.

Moreover, Martirez emphasized the importance of synergizing with local authorities, including members of the Barangay Peace and Order Council (BPO) and Barangay Public Safety Officers (BPSO), to reinforce patrolling and monitoring efforts.

“Through this multi-stakeholder partnership, the police aim to create a formidable frontline against crime while fostering a sense of security and trust within the community,”she said.

As the city embraces these innovative measures, Martirez expressed confidence in their ability to significantly reduce crime occurrences and enhance public safety.

“This transformative approach heralds a new era in law enforcement, where technology, community engagement, and strategic partnerships converge to create safer and more resilient communities,” she emphasized.

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