Villa Tomasa-Alona Kew Hotel Resort files cases against Panglao Mayor

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The Villa Tomasa-Alona Kew Hotel Resort management has filed a criminal and civil cases against individuals headed by Panglao, Bohol Mayor Edgardo “Boy” Arcay for the alleged allegations of harassment and other charges in ceasing the resort’s operation last April 16, 2024.

According to the resort’s legal team, they already sued the respondents last April 26 at the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor of Bohol City of Tagbilaran just a week after the incident that left almost 300 of local and international tourists shocked when the takeover happened.

“Victims of illegal acts at Villa Tomasa-Alona Kew Resort in Panglao Bohol have filed criminal and civil cases against those responsible for their dispossession,” the resort’s legal team stated, adding that a legal action would also be taken against anyone who will enter into agreement without its knowledge.

“They will also file the proper legal action against anyone buying the hotel resort as the said victims have a valid and existing option to buy the subject property which is in the nature of a right of first refusal. If any would be buyer cooperated with the dispossession, they too will be made liable criminally,” they added.

The management of the Villa Tomasa-Alona Kew Hotel Resort has also expressed fear and utmost disappointment to the group for allegedly using excessive force to takeover the resort without any closure warning.

“Our 300 employees have left traumatized up to now and all tourists were shocked after the horrible incident — that’s why we decided to file a case against individuals involved for harassment and other charges,” the management stated.

They also kept on applying for a business permit several times up to the last moment but were denied.

The management seeks the other government agencies or proper authorities like the Department of Interior Local Government (DILG) to look on to this matter seriously.

“We seek proper justice not only for the resort owners but also to save our employees for losing their jobs after one year since there’s still four years left on the 5-year lease aggreement “the management added.

Many people like the small enterprise business establishments and local patrons around the area are saddened by the untimely closure of one of the most popular resorts in the province of Bohol especially that the province is one of the fastest growing popular tourist destinations in the country, according to the management.

“The once peaceful Panglao that is known for haven for relaxation becomes a place of uncertainties,” the management said.

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