Sta.Rosa City Mayor lauded EK as they lights up country’s biggest parol

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Sta. Rosa City Mayor Arlene Arcillas lauded the Enchanted Kingdom during the magical evening as they lights up the country’s biggest parol at the EK’s Agila grounds last Sunday, Nov.26.

Arcialls as guests of honor expressed gratitude for the tremendous kicked of the amusement parks’ yuletide festivities for the year.

“I’ am very thankful, you always light up Sta. Rosa at nilalagay niyo rin naman sa mapa ang Sta.Rosa. Thank you very much Enchanted Kingdom. We are very proud of you because you are one of our top taxpayers, but then again this is not just a place but a way for people, and families to come together to make good memories, and I know that to start up Christmas in Sta Rosa, in our home, we are proud that we will be lighting not just the parol but the whole part of the City of Sta Rosa. Arcialls said in her speech.

The 22-feet parol is one of the hallmarks of a Filipino Christmas and was created by the renowned lantern maker from Pampanga, Eric Quiwa. EK  also marked the debut of the park’s “cultural zone,” where Filipino attractions are expected to shine bright during the Christmas season.

“We know that the Christmas spirit of Filipinos is second to none. We need something to lift up our spirits and bring back the magic. Minabuti namin to make Christmas more festive,” Enchanted Kingdom chairman Mario Mamon said.

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