City dad pledges ongoing backing for BFP services and rapid response Initiatives

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CALAMBA CITY, Laguna – In a steadfast commitment to bolstering the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), Mayor Roseller H. Rizal affirmed his unwavering support for the Calamba Fire Station’s services and quick response programs.

The mayor made this pledge during the inauguration and blessings of the Fire Safety Enforcement Section and quick response vehicles today. Highlighting the critical role of the BFP at the barangay level, Mayor Rizal emphasized the need for increased funding and equipment for effective training of responders. “I am glad to inform you that we have organized the Barangay Quick Reaction Team (BQRT) in all the 54 villages in the city, making it the only city in Laguna province with a fully functional BQRT,” he announced.

Acknowledging the challenges posed by the city’s growing population, Mayor Rizal underscored the imperative of ensuring a safe and secure environment. Despite being recognized as the Model City and a Safe Haven in the Philippines by the Manila Times on September 19, 2023, he recognized the ongoing need for enhanced safety measures. The mayor also announced additional support for the BFP, including an Innova service vehicle and a pick-up truck. This commitment aims to strengthen the agency’s capabilities and further streamline their emergency response efforts.

Commending the BFP personnel for their dedicated service during the recent Christmas season call-out campaign, Mayor Rizal noted that their efforts resulted in only 10 minor injuries from December 21 to 31, 2023, with no reported loss of lives.

Meanwhile, Fire Marshal C/Insp. Alma Cassandra A. Gardose stressed the importance of providing a convenient and accessible space for taxpayers while conducting transactions with the agency. She explained the necessity of relocating the Fire Safety Enforcement Section to the ground level of the Fire Station Building for the benefit of senior citizens and individuals with disabilities. “As a business-friendly LGU, it is necessary to serve our constituents at their convenience,” she stated, expressing gratitude to the Mayor for approving the construction of the new facility.

Additionally, Fire Marshal Gardose acknowledged the donation of three motor vehicles by the Susuki Motor Corporation, which will be converted into emergency response vehicles. She emphasized the significance of these vehicles for immediate response, especially in cases of accidents where maneuverability is crucial. “In cases of accidents, immediate response is necessary that at times our ambulance has to break the traffic where a motorcycle can readily maneuver,” she explained. “And during vehicle fires which can easily be put out by a fire extinguisher, they can quickly respond.” She concluded by commending the BFP personnel for their unwavering efforts and support in fulfilling the agency’s mandate.#

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