UrbanSphere, an Indian Greentech Company, Launching their Electric vehicles and Plans to Invest in the Philippine Market

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UrbanSphere, from K2N Mobility Pvt Limited is OEM dedicated towards sustainable transportation solutions based in India, is preparing to localise to the Philippine market with its Ivoryline, a 6m Electric Bus/E-Jeepney designed for local use.

Participating in the APV (Auto Parts & Vehicles) Expo 2024 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City from June 5 to 7 marks the commencement of UrbanSphere’s venture into the Philippine market.

In an Southpost PH interview on Friday, Karthik Athreya, Founder and CEO for the Philippines, as well as Managing Director and CEO for India, unveiled the significance of UrbanSphere’s Ivoryline within the framework of the Philippine government’s Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP), emphasizing the company’s commitment to sustainable transportation.

Athreya elucidated that UrbanSphere’s primary objective is to curtail carbon emissions and foster a greener future, which spurred the development of compact electric buses offering a reliable, efficient, and economically viable solution for urban mobility.

“Our goal is to contribute to the nation’s endeavors to reduce carbon emissions and cultivate environmentally friendly cities,” expressed Karthik Athreya.

unveiled the significance of UrbanSphere’s Ivoryline

UrbanSphere stands ahead with its Comprehensive Solutions , Priced Captively by offering buses equipped with chargers, advanced tracking features, Training of Operators , Drivers on optimal performance of the vehicle along with after Sales support from their Philippines entity
K2N Mobility Philippines Inc.

“We are confident in our ability to revolutionize the public transportation sector and enhance quality of life by offering a comprehensive solution suite,” he added.

Furthermore, Athreya highlighted that transport cooperatives are their target market for the electric buses.

“We are thrilled to introduce our 6m Electric Bus/E-Jeepney to the Philippines, providing a sustainable and cost-effective transportation solution,” affirmed Karthik Athreya.

The company also markets the Trisara T.650, an eTrike (a Unique blend of Passenger and Cargo Electric 3 Wheeler); Vinner, an eMotorcycle; Amp Volts, an Electric Charge Operator; and Verde Mobility, an Electric Charger (AC up to 44Kwh, DC up to 240Kwh).

Naimish Raval, Director of AmpVolts, a partner of UrbanSphere, said their electric chargers can suit from two to four wheeler vehicles with safety features from excess current, voltage, temperature as well as emergency stop button and emergency shut down with alarm.

According to Raval, their VerdeMobility App helps in locating their Charging stations , for booking slot in advance to charge the electric vehicle and making online payments.

Deepen Barai, another associate of UrbanSphere representing Speeforce Ventures, explained the Vinner motorcycle has a top speed of 80 kilometres per hour with a charging time of only four hours while the Trisara, a three-wheeled e-trike has a top speed of 45 kph with charging time of three hours and has the capacity for 10 passengers aside from the driver.

In due time, all of the products under the UrbanSphere will be available for those interested to own through their Philippines entity.

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