San Pablo City “Kuya ng Bayan” humble smiles signify positivity

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San Pablo City Administrator Larry Amante most popularly known as “Kuya ng Bayan” is being cordial to his fellow kababayan in the city of seven lakes .

As City Administrator, he is responsible for the implementation of all policy set by the Mayor, as the Chief Executive Officer of the City which happen to be his Father, Mayor Vicente Amante .

He work for local councils on administrative, financial and human resources tasks. Admin Larry must have their finger on the pulse of the needs of the city. When an emergency arises, he responds quickly and informs the mayor and city council of the situation. He has a strong communication skills.

Aside from his administrative functions, Amante entertains clients, acts on requests, referrals and complaints appropriately and formulates policies for effective management.

He served as the head of the municipal and acted as a leader of the community and yet he didn’t see himself as a politician but as a friend of many that can able to adjusts to all kinds of conflict, and difficulty, always remains calm and represents the views of positivity.

His office becomes a place that someone likes and where they often go and play like an older brother listening to every story of friends who visit him. Everyone wanted to take pictures with him and he never got tired of showing his smile and shaking his hands as an older brother and a friend. (R.A Maico/Kaye Balba)

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