EK reopens go-kart race track, launches cadet karts for kids

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Enchanted Kingdom reopened its 800-meter go-kart race track featuring brand new karts for kids and adults alike.

EK President and CEO Mario O. Mamon and Yokohama Tires Philippines Vice President Vivienne Cruz led the reopening last Feb.25. Father and son racing champions Carlos and Iñigo Anton, and international race car driver Marlon Stockinger exhibited their driving skills at the EK Fun Kart. Carlos’ eight-year-old son, Alonzo Anton, tested the cadet kart for eight to 12-year-old drivers

“To make the ride more inclusive, EK added four cadet karts for the younger members of the family to enjoy,” Mr. Mamon shared. “We also have 12 brand new single seaters and five two-seater karts. EK also added a new lap-timing system for more fun and friendly competition,” he added.

International race car driver Marlon Stockinger shared that he was here when EK Fun Kart first opened in 2003. “It gave me a lot of experiences, a lot of good teachings towards my racing career. I think it’s a good place to hone your skills as a driver. So, whether you want to enjoy or bring your family – or if you want to take racing seriously eventually – this is a great training ground,” he said.

The Fun Kart which closed for five months due to the renovation period boasts an enhanced building and new paint markings. It also features new tire barriers in partnership with world-class quality tires company Yokohama Tires Philippines.

“We are glad to partner with Yokohama Tires Philippines who are aligned with EK’s priority to ensure the safety of our guests to deliver a seamless and magical experience here at the park,” Mr. Mamon added.

The Fun Kart is open from Wednesdays to Sundays, from 12PM until the park closes. Single-seater karts can be availed at Php 800, Php 950 for two-seater karts, and Php 650 for the cadet carts.

For more information about the Fun Kart and upcoming events at EK, visit https://www.enchantedkingdom.ph and EK’s official social media accounts @enchantedkingdom.ph for Facebook and Tiktok, and @ek_philippines for Twitter and Instagram.

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