PNPA Dismisses 2 Cadets for Honor Code Violations, Suspends 1 for Excessive Demerits

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Silang, Cavite—The Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) has dismissed two second class cadets belonging to Class 2025 for violating the Honor Code and System. The cadets were caught in possession of their classmates’ ATM cards and were reported for unauthorized withdrawals.

The PNPA also suspended (and will be turned back to the next lower class) a second class cadet, also from Class 2025, for accumulating excessive demerits for various offenses against the Cadet Guide. The demerits emanated from violations of the strict code of discipline.

PBGEN Samuel C Nacion, Acting Director/Superintendent of PNPA, said that the dismissals and suspension are in line with the academy’s commitment to uphold the highest standards of honor and integrity.

“We expect our cadets to be role models of good conduct and discipline,” said Nacion. “Any violation of the Honor Code and System will not be tolerated.”

The PNPA is the premier education and training institution for the Philippine National Police. The academy’s Honor Code and System is based on the principles of honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness. Cadets are expected to uphold these principles at all times.

The dismissals and suspension are aligned with the Chief PNP’a focused agenda and also serve as a reminder to all cadets of the importance of maintaining high standards of conduct. The PNPA will continue to take disciplinary action against any cadet who violates the academy’s policies.

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