DOST-CALABARZON conducts DARIUS II Data Buildup and Workshop

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DOST-CALABARZON, through its Management Information Systems (MIS) Unit, conducted the Data Analytics-Ready Info Unified System (DARIUS) II Data Buildup and Workshop to project focal and coordinators from its Provincial S&T Offices (PSTOs) and its Regional Office, last July 21, 2023.

Based on DOST-CALABARZON’s DARIUS Project which initially focused on harmonizing the project monitoring platform of the various DOST Regional Offices (ROs), the DARIUS II is the second phase of the said project, now equipped with the DARIUS Customer Portal that shall enable clients to request project funding assistance, track the status of requests, gain access to relevant transaction documents, and be notified with project requirements and announcements. Engr. Francisco R. Barquilla III, the Assistant Regional Director for Technical Operations of DOST-CALABARZON and the Project Leader of DARIUS, shared that the tedious manual processing of project proposals for potential funding prompted the team to develop a more customer-focused approach. These proposals are often under DOST’s Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP), Community Empowerment thru Science and Technology (CEST), and local Grants-in-Aid (GIA).

“Dahil mayroon nang DARIUS Customer Portal (DCP), ang mga proponents ay magkakaroon ng paraan para malaman ang status ng submitted proposals nila at magkakaroon ng access sa mga softcopies ng approved project documents,” said ARD Barquilla. Through the DCP, the processing of project proposals is made to be more efficient and convenient.

Moreover, Ms. Bianca Pantoja, the Head of the MIS Unit of DOST-CALABARZON, emphasized the crucial role of DOST ROs upon its nationwide implementation.

Ms. Pantoja mentioned, “The DOST ROs will serve as a mediator in the usage of the system. They will be the ones to train and help their respective clients and proponents in the usage of the system,” she added, “Aside from that, ensuring the accuracy of the data being inputted in the system serves as a big part of their role. With the accurate data input, future data analysis and statistics can be provided from it.”

The recently conducted workshop is just the first batch of system workshops for the continuous enhancement of the DARIUS II Project. Mr. Rafaelo Omaña and Mr. Kenneth Tindugan of the MIS led the discussion with DOST-CALABARZON’s project focals as participants. Towards the end of the activity, participants gave their feedback and suggestions to help improve the DCP to better serve constituents in the region. – Kaye Balba

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